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9 April 2020


The BULB e-bulletin provides news and updates about utilities and hardship in South Australia. It includes articles on changes in the energy market, government policy, renewable energy, tips and hints on energy usage, new educational resources associated with utilities and lots more.

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15 April 2018


South Australians now spend more on telecommunications than on electricity, according to SACOSS.

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12 April 2018

woman with phone and laptop

Telcos: an essential service

Internet and mobile services have become an essential service. Whether we are a recipient of government benefits, living in a remote community, a retired pensioner or family with kids, having access to internet services has become an integral part of life.

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11 April 2018

Pre-paid or Post-paid plan?

There are two types of generally available phone plans: pre-paid and post-paid. As the names suggest, the pre-paid plans are paid for up-front, purchasing credits before you can start using the plan, while for post-paid plans you will receive a monthly bill.

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4 March 2018


When you move house, it is your responsibility to arrange for utilities accounts to be set up in your new home - and finalised in your old home. If you don't, new tenants might continue to use a utility that's in your name - and you'd be responsible for the bill.

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8 March 2018

Financial counselling

Financial Counsellors are free, independent and confidential. They are non-judgmental, qualified professionals trained to assist anyone in financial difficulty by providing information, support and advocacy.

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