SA Water Accessibility Initiative

SA Water has announced a scheme which aims to make essential water services more easily accessible to all South Australians, particularly those living with disability.

The scheme seeks to apply Universal Design Principles, which recognise that anyone can find themselves living with an impairment which makes it difficult to do what a fully fit and able person may be able to do. Universal Design aims to create products or processes that include as many people as possible in the first instance, and are also easily customisable to the needs of particular users.

The new scheme was inspired by the 2018 SACOSS Disability and Essential Services Conference, where presenters shared their dependence on and difficulty accessing essential services. SA Water then consulted more closely with some of those people and a number of other South Australians living with various disabilities. The program identified up to 15 potential initiatives or changes, with some already being implemented and others requiring investment over coming years.

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