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The BULB eNews

ConnectEd’s ‘The BULB’ eNews keeps people connected to energy, water and telecommunications in South Australia and further afield.

The BULB aims to inform and inspire. It is a platform for ongoing education and support to community services workers, volunteers and the wider community.

Recent editions

The BULB #24 – ConnectEd training | Manage energy bills

The BULB #23 – Healthy Homes for Renters | Online training  |  Smart meters & ToU

The BULB #22 – Funding available to low-income households | Water bill equity survey |  Closing The Gap Day

The BULB #21 – COVID Debt Concerns | Telstra Fined | Time of Use Tariff Training Online

The BULB #20 – SA Leads Renewable Energy | Swap Concessions for Solar | Time of Use Tariff Training Online

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