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Solar feed-in tariffs

There are currently two types of solar feed-in tariffs:

  • The Distributor Feed-in Tariff (or D-FiT) which is set at 44c per kilowatt hour. While this feed-in tariff can no longer be accessed by new households, households who joined the scheme will benefit from this tariff until 30 June 2028.
  • The Retailer Feed-in Tariff (or R-FiT). All retailers offer a variety of solar tariffs. Since 1 January 2017 there has been no minimum mandated tariff, so it is advisable to review your solar tariff on your electricity bill. Retailers current offer feed-in tariffs that range from 6c up to 22c!

It is important to be aware that if you receive both the D-FiT and the R-FiT, they are very often bundled together. For example, if you receive a solar feed-in tariff of 52c on your bill, it means you receive the D-Fit tariff of 44c plus an R-FiT tariff of 8c.

A customer receiving both solar feed-in tariffs may be better off minimising their electricity consumption during the day while the sun is shining, as the credits they receive from the solar feed-in tariffs outweigh the cost of purchasing electricity from the grid after dark. On the other hand, if a household receives only the Retailer Feed-in Tariff, then it would make more sense to maximise consumption during the day to benefit from free electricity supplied from the panels on the roof.