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If you have solar panels, you may have started thinking about purchasing batteries to store any excess electricity generated from your roof. Stored electricity can be used when you need it and the sun is not shining, during a blackout, and even for charging an electric car. Households may also be able to fill a battery with off-peak power.

A word of warning, if you are in receipt of the 44c Distributor Feed-in Tariff for solar energy sent to the grid, you may no longer be eligible if you decide to install batteries. You would continue, however, to benefit from a Retailer Feed-in Tariff. You can find more information on these solar tariffs here.

More and more batteries are coming on to the market and prices are beginning to drop. It is important, however, to calculate how long the return is for you on such an investment. It is also important to verify that batteries you are looking at to purchase are compatible with your solar inverter.

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