New Electricity and Gas Usage Benchmarks

Every three years, the Australian Energy Regulator publishes updated energy usage guidelines for residential customers, so that people can compare their usage against similar households in their area.

Electricity retailers are required to provide this information on bills, and for the first time this year, figures have been published for gas usage, with gas retailers encouraged to add this information to bills.

The results are published on the AER website in a detailed report, taking into account the climate zones of survey respondents, and whether or not they have a swimming pool or a gas space heater. The report shows that a one-person household in the Adelaide area averages about 8 kWh/day of electricity use; an extra person adds about 4 kWh/day to that usage, and the third and fourth people each add about 2 kWh, with a fifth person adding less than 1 kWh/day, with the lowest use in summer and the highest in winter.

Having a pool will, on average, cost a household almost 10 kWh/day extra.

Gas usage figures similarly show a range of usage from 12 MJ/day for a single person in summer, all the way up to 150 MJ/day for a large household using gas heating through winter.

The new usage benchmarks will be incorporated into the Energy Made Easy website, and used on bills from 30 March 2018.

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