Increased discount for Origin “Value” deal

In 2017 the SA Government invited electricity retailers to tender for the opportunity to offer a more attractive deal to consumers who receive the energy concession.

Origin Energy won the tender and from December 2017 introduced a discount offer that included an 18% discount on electricity usage and supply charges, and no extra fees and charges.  Origin committed to maintain this offer up to 30 June 2019. They also offered an 11% discount on natural gas usage and supply.

Following negotiations between the SA Government and Origin Energy to continue the discount offer beyond EOFY 2019, the electricity discount was increased to 20% for both usage and supply charges, effective from 15 April 2019.

More recently, the discount has been reviewed again, and in 2021 it stands at 21% off Origin’s electricity usage and supply rates. The gas discount remains at 11%.

Consumers already on the offer will have the higher discount automatically applied. While this discount offer does not have an end date, Origin may vary the electricity discount with 90 days’ notice.

About 170,000 South Australians are eligible to sign up to this Origin “Value” offer, as they receive the SA Government energy concession.

Read the State Government website’s Concessions Energy Discount Offer page for more information, and phone Origin Energy on 1300 791 465 to apply for the Concessions Energy Discount Offer. It’s also necessary for the customer to transfer their energy concession to Origin – this can only be done after receipt of their first bill and new account number from Origin. Call the ConcessionsSA Hotline on 1800 307 758 to arrange the transfer – the concession for the first bill will be applied retrospectively and credited to the second bill.

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