Utilities Literacy for Community Workers


Do you have clients who struggle with electricity, gas or water bills?
Would you like to help them more, but don’t know how?
This FREE 2-day workshop will provide some answers!

The Utilities Literacy Training workshop for Community Workers will teach you about:

– Electricity, Gas and Water in South Australia

– Reading and understanding meters and bills

– Using energy and water efficiently at home

– How to choose an energy retailer and get a good deal

– Concessions, complaints, disputes and hardship

– New technologies and tariff reform.

Contact us on 8245 7100, email ConnectEd (at) or use the Contact Us form for more information.

The ConnectEd program offers free training and ongoing support to workers and volunteers in the community sector.

Due to Covid-19, restrictions may apply. If you are interested in hosting a workshop for your team, please get in touch with us. We also offer all our sessions via Zoom. See our poster advertising sessions on Zoom: ConnectEd on zoom.

Utilities Literacy for Community Workers