ConnectEd provides both formal Training for Community Workers and more informal Community Education events. Both experiences encourage lots of questions and discussion, but Training is longer and follows a more structured curriculum, while Community Education events cover key messages in an hour to two-hour session.

Training for Community Workers is available in several formats including full day workshops or a package of half day modules. Resources for Community Workers will be regularly added to this website, and you can subscribe to The BULB e-bulletin for utilities-related news updates.

ConnectEd presents two kinds of education or training events – those that are open to everyone, and those that are offered exclusively to members of the hosting group.

  • Open events are advertised on this website and in the community for anyone to attend. Check the instructions on the event’s page to find out whether to book a ticket or just come along.
  • Exclusive events are available to members of a particular group, or staff of a particular workplace, and attendance is by invitation only.

ConnectEd trainers can tailor sessions to the needs of the attendees, and can come to your group or workplace. To host an event and arrange for a ConnectEd trainer to present to your group or train your staff, Contact Us to talk about what you need. We also deliver sessions via zoom. See more information here: ConnectEd on zoom

Flyer – Community Education sessions

It was an amazing training, I enjoyed it because it was flexible and gave us tons of useful information, not only for us but for clients.

Feedback from trainee