Brand New Telecommunications Training

In light of increasing costs of telecommunication services and confusion for consumers about the types of plans available and less than transparent billing practices, ConnectEd is now offering community worker training and public information sessions on mobile and internet services.

ConnectEd’s new half-day workshop for community workers gives you the opportunity to learn new information, clarify your understanding, and discuss the issues your clients may have with access to telecommunications.

The workshop will explore:

– Technology and Connectivity

– Choosing a Plan

– Understanding Bills and Usage

– Hardship and Consumer Protection

– Security

– Accessibility

The next workshop will be Wednesday 5 June 9:30 – 1:00 at UCWB, 77 Gibson Street, Bowden.

If you’ve enjoyed learning about electricity, gas, and water with ConnectEd, please join us for this new workshop: Register here.

See the Events page of the ConnectEd website for details.

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