About ConnectEd

Energy, water, and telecommunications are essential to running a household ā€“ they enable cooking, cleaning, and connections.

But when these services really stretch the budget, who can help?

ConnectEd offers help

ConnectEd aims to increase knowledge, skills and resources for community members to manage their essential household utilities, including electricity, gas, water and communications. ConnectEd staff work with community members to understand bills, identify opportunities to use less and save, look for better deals, and talk with utilities companies to get a better, fairer outcome.

ConnectEd provides

ConnectEd partners

ConnectEd is delivered across South Australia by partners UnitingCare Wesley Bowden, Uniting Communities, and Uniting Country SA, with funding from the State Government Department of Human Services. ConnectEd builds on the partnersā€™ experience of delivering the Utilities Literacy Program (2013-2017), as well as other utilities-related programs.